World Uckers Championship 2021

The 2021 World Uckers Pairs Championship will commence on 31 Jul 2021 and finish on Finals Day on Saturday 23 October 2021, which will be held in Portsmouth.  The Royal Naval Association are the competition sponsors and will manage the rules and logistics elements of the competition. 

Registration for the 2021 World Uckers Championship will commence on 01 June 2021 with the competition commencing on Black Tot Day 31st July 2021 and finishing with 32 pairs contesting a Grand Finals Day, in Portsmouth on Saturday 23 October 2021.

The competition will be split into four separate playing groups for ease of organisation and to successfully attain 32 pairs will play on finals day.  The four groups are as follows -

  • Navy Board  - 1 pair to final
  • Royal Naval Service – 9 pairs in final
  • Royal Naval Association Members – 13 pairs in final
  • Non RN/RNA – 9 pairs in final

All Teams/Competitors wishing to play in this UWC 21competition , should forward their applications as follows;

Registrations should arrive at the email addresses above by Friday 08 July 2021.  Competitors will be required to forward:

  • Group
  • Team Name
  • Competitors Names
  • Email addresses and / telephone contacts
Rules for the Uckers Championship


Once you have registered, you will be sent details of the rules, your first opponents and the date in which you need to have completed your fixture by. The Registration team will consider geographical location in the draw to try and cut down on travel wherever possible.

Once the results are received, the Registration Secretary will hold the draw for the next round and inform teams of their next opponent.  This will continue until 32 pairs/teams remain in the competition.  The 32 remaining teams will be invited to take part in the Grand Final.