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Shipmate MartinShipmate Martin

Shipmate Martin

Shipmate Martin


I joined the Royal Navy in Feb 1949 and served on HMS Wrangler, Battleaxe, Bermuda, Vanguard and Reserve Fleet Maintenance. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Med Fleet and left the Service in March 1956.


I heard about Project Semaphore at a Branch Meeting and initially thought I could use the iPad to keep in touch with family (particularly grandchildren) and friends and to send and receive emails.   I thought it could also be helpful in my role of President of the Edinburgh Branch of the RNA.


Since having the iPad I have found it a great boon in my role of Trustee to my local Daycare Centre, keeping up-to-date with Minutes of Meetings, etc


I am eternally grateful to Shipmate David Liddell for his help in setting up the iPad and for his help with learning to use it.   It is a great relief to know that there is someone to call on if I have a problem.  I am also helped to use the iPad by my wife as I have macular degeneration and arthritic hands.