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VE Day 75 Virtual Parade 1,2 and 3 Areas

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VE Day 75 Virtual Parade 1,2 and 3 Areas

Image from Branches in No's 1, 2 and 3 Areas

Comment made by Wittering Branch

We used to have a small ensign for funeral purposes and it got swopped for the cruiser/battleship one which you see, it’s all good advertising.
Our Standard Bearer, s/m Tony Shepard, is dipping by his flag pole at home. Our treasurer, s/m Alan Somerville is honouring the occasion with the sun in his eyes. I am in front of the various flags, s/m George Bowsher is very poorly and honoured the occasion from inside, it most of taken him ages to get dressed and obviously it was easier to put on a bow tie than our RNA one. The last picture shows our secretary, s/m David Colman with s/m Tony Gregory at our village memorial. We help the RBL out where we can, and Tony is dipping for the RBL, check his carrying Strap.