VE Day 75 Virtual Parade 4, 5 and 6 Areas

VE Day 75 Virtual Parade 4, 5 and 6 Areas

Shipmates attending the Virtual Parade for VE75 day

Comments from Branches

Christchurch Branch Shipmate Rick Squibb MSM reported One, guess who, very organised and shipshape. That, of course, is Branch Chairman S/m Rick Squibb and the one in a bit of a tangle -- well who else but S/m Christine Payne.

The RNA Ensign was flown at the masthead of the Ferndown Village Hall today the 8th May.

Helston Branch  mustered on their doorsteps for the two minutes silence. S/m Tony King joined in as a returning evacuee please excuse him he is a form submariner (picture 1)   S/m Alec Willet dipped our standard for the silence, inside due to rain. Shipmates sat down for a lunch/tea at 1330 of sandwiches of choice, a Cornish tea (jam first) & lashings of Darjeeling tea. 

Parading the Aylesbury & District Shipmate Ken Satterthwaite this morning in the virtual parade. There where about 50 spectators and a tot served a at a distance to those who wanted it.

Brightlingsea Branch was disappointed not to be able to parade for VE Day 75 due to the Covid threat however, Shipmates self-photographed and the results were compiled into a montage.  This has been incorporated into the Town’s picture history of the event. The careful viewer will not that three Shipmates proudly display WW2 medals.  Our Chaplin who is also the Vicar of Brightlingsea and an keen Honorary Shipmate, allowed and then encouraged the Branch to hang a White Ensign on St James' Church in the High Street thus re-enforcing Brightlingsea’s links with the Royal Navy. During WW2 the shore base of HMS NEMO was established and tasked to conduct experimental influence mine-countermeasures and fit-out and repair MTBs, MGBs and other small war vessels.