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Rewards for Forces & Veterans

Cinema Discount for the Forces & Veterans
As of the 1st June, we will be offering our members access to up to 40% off Cinema tickets throughout the UK.

This is the first time this level of offer has been extended to the Forces

The offer extends to food and drink as well as annual cinema passes and it can see a family of 4 save £15 per visit to the cinema which we hope will be of help when times can be tough.

Membership is open to members of the Forces, Veterans and Partners of those serving or who have served. See the flyer on the left with some more information.

For those without official identification especially Veterans and Families there is a a personalised Rewards for Forces identification card available at £24.
The card isn’t required to access the Cinema Rewards, this can be done with online membership.
Please visit our website for any further information. 

We have created a video that explains how easy it is to sign up

We have had a couple of incidences when members have asked for a discount in their tickets at the Cinema. I thought it best to send a bit of info on how to access the Cinema Rewards so that anyone asking about the offer has a clear understanding of how to do so.

1-      Log on to
2-      Click the top banner to purchase a Cinema Rewards membership
3-      Agree to the T&C’s and click “Buy now and start saving”
4-      Once you have paid for the membership you can access Rewards. Login to Rewards for Forces and click on the top banner
5-      Click “Shop Now” and select the cinema you would like tickets for
6-      Then you can select if you want an e-code or paper ticket and click “Add now”
7-      Proceed to checkout and pay for your discounted tickets

If anyone has any questions they can call us on 01604 647770.

Hopefully this will clear things up so families can start booking their tickets in time for the Summer Holidays!