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Libor Minibuses - Available Now

The three Libor Minibuses are now alongside in their base ports; Portsmouth, Liskeard and Blackburn.  Listed below are the points of contact for each bus sponsor;

Portsmouth; e-mail phone 02392 720782
Liskeard; e-mail phone 01579 346606
Blackburn; e-mail phone 07964 721849

Central Office are very keen that the buses are loaned out and on the road rather than parked up in their base ports doing nothing so have deliberately tried to keep rules to a minimum.   So in no particular order .……………………

They are free to loan. Insurance, maintenance etc costs covered by Central Office.
The vehicle is supplied with a full tank of fuel and should be returned with a full tank of Diesel and
AdBlue toped up if necessary and cleaned.
The loan is on a first come first served basis (Sponsor has final say!)
They are covered for insurance for drivers aged 30 to 70 (Insurance cover for over 70s can be purchased from the insurer dependent on personal circumstances. The Insurer will require two weeks notice for this to be arranged. Insurers contact details are available from Andy at Central Office). A very approximate cost for a weekend is £56 but very dependent on individual
circumstance/health etc.
Only 8 passenger and the driver or up to three wheelchairs +3 carers +2 and one driver.
Roadside assistance is available.​