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RNBT seeks trustees

You could take on a vital role in the charity which helps serving and former serving Naval and Royal Marines ratings and their dependants in times of need and distress.

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (RNBT) has vacancies for four Ordinary Member Trustees volunteers, who help ensure the charity is run effectively and efficiently.

The RNBT helps those who are serving or have served as Warrant Officers and below in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, and their dependants, who find themselves in need or distress – and thousands of applicants are helped every year.

As well as direct help for individuals, the RNBT also runs the Pembroke House care home in Gillingham, Kent, and the John Cornwell VC National Memorial Almshouse, a community of six cottage homes in Hornchurch, Essex.

A founding principle of the Trust is that it is predominantly run by those who are serving or have served as non-commissioned Sailors and Royal Marines. Accordingly 11 of the 16 trustees that form the RNBT’s governing body are drawn from a wide range of serving and retired personnel who have been or are RN ratings and RM other ranks.

The RNBT is committed to creating an inclusive environment which encourages diversity of thought in its decision-making processes, and in order to achieve this applications are encouraged from all eligible people across all ranks and rates.

The personal qualities expected of prospective trustees include a willingness to take responsibility, a willingness to give of their time and energy without payment, the demonstration of the highest standards of integrity, commitment, honesty and compassion, “being blessed with common sense”, having the inherent ability to compromise, a willingness to see the alternative view, and having the courage to speak out at meetings on the principle that “there is no such thing as an unnecessary (stupid) question, only questions that remain unanswered.”

You can find out more about the role of trustees in the Charity Commission publication entitled “CC3, The Essential Trustee: what you need to know”, available at…/73…/CC3_may18.pdf

Prospective trustees would benefit from and should make every effort to visit Castaway House at Twyford Avenue in Portsmouth to meet volunteers (including trustees) and the Chief Executive and key staff to discuss in more detail the work of the Trust and the role of a trustee.

If a visit is impractical, get in touch with Chief Executive Rob Bosshardt by phone (023 9269 0112) to express your interest in applying, or email You can also email a request for an application pack through

The vacancies arise with effect from 1 April 2019, with the election of volunteers for these four positions (including those who are standing down but may wish to stand for re-election) due to take place in March. The Trust is looking for a wide range of competences, including but not limited to marketing, PR and Health and Safety.

The closing date for applications is 11 March 2019.