RNA Sparko TV - a free initiative for veterans!

The Royal Naval Association (RNA) working in partnership the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) are excited to bring to your attention a new and innovative project aimed at supporting our older veterans through Sparko TV, which is an interactive TV enhancement tailor-made for them. Best of all, through us and the RNRMC, it's COMPLETELY FREE!

Sparko TV provides tailored community engagement, promotes wellbeing and mental health thereby improving quality of life. The Sparko TV kit is a small box which connects to a TV* and comes with a webcam and a very simple remote control. This enables people to connect with family, friends and community using simple digital technology. The Sparko tool does not interrupt or interfere with TV programmes; the camera is only activated if a person is on a video call or a live/class activity and will show a small light when in operation. A privacy slider for the camera is included to cover it when it is not in use to ensure peace of mind.

Essentially, Sparko is a simplified version of the internet which can be accessed from the comfort of your sofa/armchair, through your TV!

* In order to benefit from Sparko, a HDMI port must be available (any TV that’s 15 years old or less should have this) Sparko then plugs directly to an existing TV.

If you know someone who could benefit from this initiative, please get in touch with Lynda Pearson (RNA Welfare Programme Manager) for more details. She can be reached on 07891 486370 or lynda@royalnavalassoc.com