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Project Semaphore

PROJECT SEMAPHORE - enabling communication for isolated veterans

A successful bid to the Aged Veteran's Fund has secured funding for Project Semaphore. The aim of the project is to reach out to isolated veterans - who are judged by a BT reach survey to be worse off by at least £1,000 due to lack of access to the internet - and to provide them with an iPad and iPad/internet familiarisation training. With modern and mobile technology, those previously isolated will be able to connect with their friends and regain some of their independence.   

Benefits to the veteran

Some of the benefits of being online include:

  • Ability to facetime or Skype family and friends
  • Claim benefits, internet banking
  • Order shopping when unable to get out
  • Secured cheaper insurance, travel etc
  • Can access Veteran's information and find out what is going on, stay connected
  • Can get up-to-date entertainment such as BBC iPlayer
  • Research 
  • Access to social media, Youtube, ibooks


Project Semaphore will provide suitability identified candidates with an iPad, training, support and 1 year's broadband. 

To qualify you must be a full member of the RNA, over 65 years old and currently digitally isolated.  

Project contact

If you have any questions about Project Semaphore, please contact the Project Manager: