RNA Officials

The most important asset to the RNA is our members, which is why we run our organisation from the ground-up. Full Members are elected to, and represent their areas on the National Council - who meet regularly to review and report on the RNA's activity.

RNA Central Office ensures Branch Secretaries are kept up to date on latest events, daily orders, accounts and administration.

Representatives from over 250 branches and HQ Roll are also invited to attend the annual National Conference held by the National Council, HQ, National President and Royal Navy.

Our Patrons

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Vice Patrons

  • Vice Admiral Sir Roy Newman KCB
  • Vice Admiral John McAnally CB LVO

Our Officials

Vice Admiral Duncan Potts CB

National President

Vice Admiral Duncan Potts CB

Deputy National President

  • Commodore Mark Slawson OBE

Life Vice Presidents

  • C Dovey OBE
  • Ray Barraclough MSM
  • C Alley Esq
  • Cdr P C D Campbell LVO OBE DL RN
  • Commodore A R Nance OBE
  • D Judge Esq
  • D White MSM MBE
  • W Carruthers Esq BEM
  • Cdr J Owens RN

Vice Presidents

  • Shipmate Rita Lock MBE
  • The Warrant Officer to the Royal Navy

Hon. Chaplain

  • The Venerable Andrew Hillier QHC., Chaplain of the Fleet

Hon. Legal Adviser

  • Lt Cdr Helen MacKenow RN

Hon. Treasurer

  • Shipmate I Irvin

National Standard Bearer

  • Shipmate David Corrigan (6 Area – Bletchley)

National Council

Shipmate K Ridley

National Chairman

Shipmate K Ridley

Vice National Chairman

  • Shipmate P Stephenson

National Council Member No 1 Area

  • Shipmate M Foley

National Council Member No 2 Area

  • Blank

National Council Member No 3 Area

  • Shipmate S Maclean

National Council Member No 4 Area

  • Shipmate W Belfitt

National Council Member No 6 Area

  • Shipmate K Ridley

National Council Member No 7 Area

  • Shipmate L Higgon-Young

National Council Member No 8 Area

  • Shipmate P Godwin

National Council Member No 9 Area (Including Overseas Branches)

  • Shipmate K Crawford MBE

National Council Member No 10 Area

  • Shipmate D Wright

National Council Member No 11 Area

  • Shipmate I McQueen

National Council Member No 12 Area

  • Shipmate P Stephenson

National Council Member Scottish Area

  • Shipmate I Irvin

Central Office

Captain Bill Oliphant RN

General Secretary/CEO

Captain Bill Oliphant RN

Lt Cdr Andy Christie RN

Operations Manager

Lt Cdr Andy Christie RN

Lynda Pearson

Welfare Programme Manager

Lynda Pearson

Charlie Darlington

Communications Manager

Charlie Darlington

Sara Field

Membership Support Manager

Sara Field

Kathryn Brindley

Financial Assistant

Kathryn Brindley

Mike Gray

Communications Assistant

Mike Gray

Project Manager - Project Semaphore

Julie Royston