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Members Of Hms Prince Of Wales Current Ship S Company Pay Their Respects On Vj Day At The Nma Next To The Repulse And Pow Memorial StoneMembers Of Hms Prince Of Wales Current Ship S Company Pay Their Respects On Vj Day At The Nma Next To The Repulse And Pow Memorial Stone

General Secretary's Message

Dear Shipmates

Just a brief intro from me this month as I’m loafing in France on leave. Rather annoyingly it’s going to mean another 2 weeks of quarantine on return which is especially galling (pun intended) as the part of France where we are can still count the number of Covid deaths in single figures. Just as well we’re all kitted out to be able to work from home on return.
Well done to all who made it on-line for this year’s AGM which was held for the first time on Zoom. It seemed to work pretty well and all the necessary items of business were achieved in accordance with the Charter. Clearly, it’s not quite the same socially and I still feel for Area 10 who I know would have put on a fabulous show in Liverpool…..maybe we can do something in Liverpool in 2023 on the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic? Albeit, we didn’t have the usual after match party, our President, Admiral John, led us in an Up Spirits tot toast to Her Majesty on completion which was very welcome. Well done to the raffle winners too. List published separately.
The one motion which was discussed was the venue for the 2022 AGM/Conference. I’ve asked that we are a little flexible on this as I want to fall in with what the RN is doing for the 40th anniversary of the Falklands Conflict. I would suggest that it is 90% certain we’ll be in Portsmouth and have the AGM/Conference and Gala Dinner on Saturday 18 June 2022 and a Service and Parade the following day. Confirmation to follow.
I’m also pleased to announce that we’ve moved closer to ASDIC. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to improve the RNA’s ASW capability! It’s the Association of ex-Service Drop-In Centres. As part of the work we’re doing to move towards a more holistic approach to Welfare Support, we’re collaborating with ASDIC and the RNRMC to give more opportunities for our shipmates to meet especially those who might be on their own. Please read more in the article published later in this edition.
A big BZ to all those who were involved on 15 Aug in VJ commemorations and although the RNA were disappointed not to be invited to represent naval veterans at the national commemoration led by HRH Prince Charles at the National Memorial Arboretum it was good to see the RN represented by the HMS PRINCE OF WALES Commanding Officer, Capt Darren Houston and 25 of his Ship’s Company.
Finally, I must take the opportunity to say a fond farewell to Chrissie Hughes who ran our very successful Shipmates and Oppos programme for many years. With the programme changing shape, Chrissie decided to move on but her sparking sense of fun will undoubtedly be missed once we all get back to the office. Very best wishes for the future Chrissie.

Yours Aye
Bill Oliphant