'Freedom Day' and what that means for you


From 19 July, England and Scotland move to Step 4 and Level 0 respectively, with easing of most legal restrictions in England and some in Scotland. Changes took place in Wales on 17 July with easing of most restrictions on 7 August, whilst Northern Ireland is set to ease rules on 26 July. Shipmates, Branch and Area Committees can now think about meeting together again and that is to be encouraged after discussion and assessment of risk. However, meeting together will remain a personal choice as Covid-19 has not gone away and decisions must be taken considering your local regulations, advice and guidance. All shipmates need to take personal responsibility for their own and others’ safety.

What’s changing?

There are many differences and full details can be found through the links below, but here are some key changes:

Face masks – Law removed in England but expected and recommended that masks still be worn in crowded indoor places like public transport; currently remain mandatory in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Social distancing indoors – 1 metre plus guidance removed in England (except in some places like hospitals) and in Wales from 7 August; Scotland and Northern Ireland retaining distancing currently. No limits on how many people can meet indoors in England and Wales (from 7 August); restrictions remain in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Social distancing outdoors – Removed in England and Wales with continuation of restrictions in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Working from Home – In England you no longer have to work from home if possible but expected and recommended a gradual return to work; in the rest of the UK working from home continues currently.

More details on the changes in your area and what you can and can’t do when for each government can be found at:

England - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


Wales - https://gov.wales/coronavirus

Northern Ireland - https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/articles/coronavirus-covid-19-regulations-and-guidance-what-they-mean-you