Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A relative has died, is it possible to have their ashes scattered at sea?


The Royal Navy provide a free service for the committal of boxed ashes at sea off Portsmouth, Plymouth and Faslane. This service is managed by the Chaplaincy services in the three port areas. This website below gives all the details you need.

Q: Can I put a Union Flag or White Ensign on my relative's coffin at a funeral?

Yes union flag for is appropriate for ex-services personnel. An RN expert on ceremonial advises that a white ensign should not be used on the coffin, although this is common practice and not formally supported by the RNA, since we follow the RN Ceremonial Rules.

RNA local branches and funeral directors can help you find a flag.  If the person who has just crossed the bar was active then the local RNA might want to send a representative or standard to the funeral.

Q: Can the RNA help with funeral costs?

No normally, but the RNBT may be able to help those in difficulty. Contact them on 02392690112

Q: Do the RNA support Sea Cadets?

Yes we do. Normally through the local RNA branch.  The RNA Council does provide grants to Sea Cadets from time to time.

Q: Do you have to be a certain age, or meet certain requirements to join the RNA?

Best thing to do is go to the membership tab of the website.

Full members need to have served in the Naval Service for a minimum of a day.  Naval Service is RN, RM, RNR, RMR, QARRNS, RFA, WRNS, RNXS. 

Associate members have to sign that they are in sympathy with the objects of the RNA, open to all ages.

Q: Do you have to wear blazers all the time in the RNA?

No.  Blazers are worn for formal parades, church services etc.  Most branches meet informally in polo shirts etc and it is worth checking with the branch secretary.  The RNA is about fun and being properly smart when the occasion demands.