Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having trouble with my own/spouse’s pension, what can I do?

Veterans can contact their local Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee for help or advice by calling the Veterans Welfare Centre in their local area. Alternatively veterans can get the correct phone number by calling the Veterans-UK Helpline.

0800 169 2277

Q: I am lonely, can the RNA organise for a shipmate to call round?

Yes this is what the RNA is best at!  Each branch has a welfare officer.  So contact your nearest branch (finding it on the branch page is a doddle) and ask for the Welfare Officer to arrange a visit.  If all else fails give the HQ a ring,

Q: I am looking for a job, can the RNA help?

The best way is to join the local RNA branch and take advantage of an influential and well-connected local network.  Help is also available from the Regular forces Emplyment Agency and the Officers Association.


Q: I am not near a branch can I still join the RNA?

Yes you can!  You can join as an HQ Roll member.  You will receive 3 newsletters a year, invitations to all major RNA events and the ability to attend any RNA event and club.  Details on the membership tab of the website.  Any questions give the HQ a ring.

Q: I have been injured during my Naval Service. Can I get compensation?

Compensation will depend on whether your injury was attributable to your service, or not.  In the first instance you should contact the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency, Freephone; 0800 169 2277. 

The webpage link is

Q: I may need help with the conseqences of asbestosis, what is available?

We suggest that you contact the Service Personnel & Veterans Agency, Freephone; 0800 169 2277

The guide to SPVA regarding eligibility is here: